• Make up is for yourself, it's about having fun and feeling good about yourself. Even the most bare natural look need some make up.
  • Our Loose Powder is ultra fine and able to adsorb the excess oil on the face but in the same time maintain the glow and radiance look on your face, make the skin fair and translucent.
  • PANCO cover mark stick or aka consealer is loved by most of the make up artist, because it can cover the scar, marks, acne or any undesirable area with just one stick. It makes the skin look flawless and natural, stayed for the longest hours without irritating the skin. We love it very much.
  • Classic purple lip balm effectively calm and soothes the crack skin, chapped lips, it repairs and moisturising the skin. Perfect for any weather. It's even safe to use on baby skin. 
  • Colour Changeable Lip Balm is a stain color lip balm, from no color lip balm into the color of your lips. You don't have to worry about lipstick fade away while dining or drinking. Beside the color factor, it's also act as lip moisturiser.
  • All our cosmetics products are 100% pure, safe, natural, organics and free from toxins, irritants or preservatives.
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