Whitening Cream # 3C (10ML)
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Characteristic :

3 guarantees (3C) : guarantee safety, guarantee validity, guarantee will be white.

Adopt the most effective 3C recognized by the medical community.

L-C+ target vitamin C + vitamin C derivative.

Break down and break down melanin.

For stubborn spots, it can be used intensively at the spot for 3 months to give a pure, white and flawless skin.

Ingredients :

1. L-Vitamin C--has whitening skin, diminishing spots, and strengthening the synthesis of skin collagen.

2. Target Vitamin C - inhibits the formation of melanin in melanocytes, giving the skin a full-bodied radiant.

3. Vitamin C derivatives - mainly used to whiten and inhibit melanin formation.

Suitable for :

Individual who wanted a fairer skin-whitening

Pigmentation skin

Uneven skin tone

Stubborn spots

Pigmentation form during and after pregnancy


Customer testimonial : Result in 7 days

                                Before                                                                                After

                                  Before                                                                         After